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The Trend Transforming IT Departments

The phrase ‘digital transformation’ is among the most used in IT circles this year, and for good reason. As organisations strive to strike back against the Uber and Airbnb-style upstarts, or to stay relevant in a digitised world, the pressure is on to reinvent. The response is changing the IT department’s role in the business.

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Procuring Time

A framework that saves your day

Sometimes, it is the small jobs that add up to swallow a big chunk of IT time. If your team gets to the end of the day and wonders where the time went, chances are they were doing something involving procurement.

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Who’s Your Phil?

Held hostage by outdated processes

There are moments in meetings that just stick in my mind, and this was one of them. A customer’s IT leadership team was talking about procurement challenges – some familiar, and some unique to their organisation. The IT manager clearly had something particular on his mind, and I wondered what it was, and how I could help.

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HP Workspaces Report

HP's Workspaces of the Future

HP has released their report looking at emerging trends in workspaces. Great inspiration and analysis on some of the leading architects designing how and where we work.

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