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Transforming IT Procurement

Our Technology Procurement Framework provides your organisation with the tools
to transform the way you buy, deploy and manage technology


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We’ve developed a Technology Procurement Framework that delivers more than just a box...

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Use open pricing to
save money

Use our Transact processes to negotiate vendor pricing on an Open Book basis across your entire organisation or affiliated group/association. Secure consistently competitive pricing and leverage a true partnership with a single, trusted supplier.


Define a Catalogue Of

Use our Techlow system to define and publish a catalogue of approved devices and accessories. Empower your users to create purchase requisitions for approval using your existing workflows and processes.


Receive Assets
Not Boxes

Use our Zerotouch services, to create your SOE in the cloud, or host your own servers (SCCM, Kace, etc). We ship fully configured devices, asset tagged, imaged and domain joined, directly to your users, on demand and within 72 hours.

Our framework provides 3 foundational building blocks to help
you create a better procurement process

Our transact process creates a sustainable procurement partnership with your organisation, based on open and transparent engagement.


    What it is…

    • Fixed and open margin (profit made by us) percentage applied to all sales.

    • Margin rate set based on industry and/or annual spend.

    • Open and clear communication of all rebates and vendor deal registrations in place.

    • Fixed margins available to approved customers spending more than $500,000 AUD annually.

    Why you need it…

    • Transforms your traditional reseller relationship into a true partnership.

    • Dramatically reduces your budgets and infrastructure spending.

    • Allows you to obtain true comparable quotes from multiple vendors to drive the best possible price and solution.

    • Provides your organisation with outsourced technology procurement at a low, fixed fee.


    What it is…

    • Structured buying groups across your organisation, school group or industry

    • Purchasing is grouped into buying rounds based on your requirements

    • Grouped requirements are tendered to vendors through a defined process

    Why you need it…

    • Think as a group, act as a group, benefit as a group

    • Provides a way for you to enforce and manage organisational standards

    • Obtain the best possible price by leveraging the purchasing power of acting together

  • TECHFLOW online

    What it is…

    • Integrated online purchasing portal, customised to meet your specific requirements

    • Standardised pricing and approved equipment for purchasing

    • Customised purchasing workflows and approvals that match your internal processes

    • Techflow is delivered as a fully branded asset that your department can present to the whole organisation

    Why you need it…

    • Deliver a marketing leading procurement portal that makes it easy for users to select and approve equipment

    • Establish and enforce technology standards across your organisation

    • Capture and access technology expenditure information like cost codes, project codes associated with users

    • Integrate procurement with deployment by combining Techflow with our Zerotouch services


    What it is…

    • A customised, branded purchasing portal for students, parents and employees

    • Our portal incorporates consumer relevant features like warranty information, insurance, and financing

    • Access discounted vendor price agreements, and pass on the benefits to parents and employees

    • We can incorporate school vouchers or incentive schemes to be used as part or full payment on purchases

    Why you need it…

    • Provide BYOD parents with an easy to use, customised portal that helps them make the right technology choice

    • Provide employees with an internal purchasing portal to procure technology at discounted prices

    • Identify and support BYOD parents with financial hardship through using school vouchers or school funding

    • Make the purchasing decision safe and easy through our fully managed, branded portal

Our market leading online procurement portal is customised for your organisation with branding, purchase approval workflows and more.

We provide end to end deployment for your devices. Create your SOE in the cloud, or use our dedicated hosted services. Have fully configured devices shipped direct to your users, or installed onsite, on demand.


    What it is…

    • Cloud based SOE creation tool

    • Create your SOE via a simple, guided wizard process

    • Hundreds of common applications included, with thousands of hardware devices already supported

    • Integrates with existing deployment infrastructure, such as SCCM, Altiris, etc

    Why you need it…

    • Create complex SOEs and images in minutes, instead of weeks

    • Easily move your SOE to new hardware platforms and devices without having to worry about driver support

    • Integrate the SOE into your existing deployment environment, or use our Zerotouch staging service

    • Integrate your SOE selection into our Techflow Procure portal for a complete service


    What it is…

    • SOE and image deployment to purchased devices prior to shipping.

    • Choose from managed/hosted SCCM, Dell Kace, WDS, or simple capture and deploy

    • VPN integration provides live domain join and GPO enforcement

    • Rolling buffer stock held on your behalf.

    Why you need it…

    • Reduce time to deployment to as little as 72 hours from initial order.

    • Provide a just in time fulfillment model to dramatically increase user satisfaction

    • Deliver fully configured devices directly to users without any interaction or effort from your team

    • Access multiple asset reports, or have asset information directly updated by our engineers


    What it is…

    • On the ground deployment services available across Australian and New Zealand

    • Fixed and unit pricing available for all work performed

    • Asset recovery and user migration options available for full lifecycle management

    Why you need it…

    • Large projects (1000+ devices) can be completed in days, instead of months

    • Fully project managed, with user experience prioritised across all services

    • Available for large refresh projects, or as on ongoing service


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Procurement Solutions Designed
for Your Organisation



Our approach to partnering with schools is simple. We work with all of the major technology vendors to provide products and solutions at fixed, open and low margin to schools, and school groups. We can help you transform your technology procurement processes, so that you can:

  • Significantly reduce infrastructure spending through open contract pricing

  • Access technology and products from all major vendors through a single relationship, with an assurance of sustainable and competitive pricing.

  • Control and manage school technology purchasing through our Techflow Procure portal

  • Provide parents and students with the best possible pricing and guidance through our BYOD portals and programs.

For school groups and shared support offices, we can actively work with your member schools to coordinate purchasing across the group. We specialise in managing group purchasing processes, and have seen significant success in managing shared purchasing through our Transact Open and Transact Group processes. We can provide a fully managed, branded procurement portal that allows your schools to create budgets, access shared pricing and enjoy the many benefits of working together through consolidated purchasing.

02Not for profits

Not for profits

We work with many of Australia’s most recognised not for profit organisations, to help them transform their technology procurement processes. Through our building blocks, we can help your organisation:

  • Substantially reduce your budgets through structured and open procurement processes

  • Take control of the procurement process in your organisation using our Techflow Procure portal to manage purchasing approvals and worflows

  • Create and enforce technology standards across your organisation through managed pricelists and integrated SOE deployment.

  • Work with other not for profit organisations aligned with yours to consolidate purchasing and obtain the best possible pricing on solutions and equipment.

  • Dramatically increase user satisfaction by reducing the time to deliver a fully deployed asset. Users can order approved, standardised devices and receive a fully imaged, asset tagged device in as little as 3 days.

We have specialists that understand the unique needs of the not for profit sector. You can get in touch with us by calling 1300 738 237, or if you’d like more information about how we can help you, simply provide your email address below and we’ll get in touch.



We have a long history in providing technology procurement and deployment services to Australian retailers. We understand the unique requirements of procuring and deploying technology assets to stores and franchisees. We can help you develop and manage your procurement processes, so that you can:

  • Allow stores to requisition hardware, spares and consumables through a company portal

  • Maintain branding and offer procurement of supported, standardised POS equipment to franchisees

  • Ensure that stores purchase the right consumables for equipment installed in store

  • Access reports and consolidated invoicing that shows expenditure by state, department, brand and more.

  • Deliver fully configured POS terminals and back office equipment directly into store

  • Project manage large system rollouts and upgrades with ease

Do you have a question about our Technology Transformation Framework, or need to speak to one of our industry specialists? Get in touch by calling 1300 738 237 or provide your details below and one of our team will be in touch.


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